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St. Germain




culture park.


urban space.


Foundry restored.

A small village on good land beside a river is a good idea; but when the village grows into a city and paves over the good land, it becomes a bad idea.

A Short History of Progress.
Ronald Wright.


Is Peak oil a put-on?

Global warming.

Natural Capitalism.

Economic strategy

Relevant statistics.

City population 2005
City area
Persons / acre
Projected to 2026

88.19 square miles
1.38 gross

Downtown and crescent population 2005
Downtown and crescent area
Persons / km.
Projected to 2026

2.00 square km.
3.73 gross

The city is separated into several competing areas:

College Heights
Townsite to Lantzville.
South Gate.


Direct development towards a pedestrian urban environment in downtown and crescent.

1. Aim for a pedestrian environment conducive to ambulatory movement between nodes of interest, convenience and utility.
2. Describe urban spaces and streets as building envelopes so that building faces, in concert, describe urban space and unique neighbourhood identity. Set-up build-to lines.
3. Allow mixed use: residential, commercial, light manufacturing, crafts.
4. Proscribe emissions, noise and odor.
5. Boulevard Selby and Prideaux. Enhance existing parks. Develop medium density mixed use in the Selby / Prideaux residential spine.
6. Compile a comprehensive landscape plan for public spaces and streets.
7. For every unit of developed space there will be a contibution to public amenity (DCC's).
8. Recognize Terminal Ravine bifurcation between the crescent and downtown.
9. Encourage development of a new retail commercial center in the Gateway Heritage area.
10. Set up an appropriate building typology: mix medium high- rise, low rise, medium density mixed use in the Gateway Heritage precinct.
11. Preserve rock outcrops behind Terminal Avenue commercial.
12. Densify Terminal Avenue free standing commercial and auto storage.
13. Recognize the continuing transmogrification of downtown into an urban cultural park.
14. Preserve heritage residential west of Prideaux. Set minimum lots sizes to encourage infill.
15. Enhance existing zoning that is compatible with this policy. Pare ordinances to a minimum.
16. Streamline the DPA process.
17. Retrofit serviceable and heritage buildings.
18. Trench and cover all services.

is concerned only with:
Downtown and crescent as they subdivide into several distinctive areas:

Acknowledge the uniqueness of each area.

Crescent (Bowl).

Gateway Heritage Center.
Selby / Prideaux.
Heritage west of Prideaux.
Mixed use east of Selby.

Downtown Culture Park.

Terminal Ravine.
Commercial / Front Parade.
Harbour Park Mall.

St. John's Newfoundland: similar to Nanaimo on the Atlantic side:
with one distinction, it is the seat of the provincial government.
Downtown slopes up steeply from the harbour
Population 25% greater than Nanaimo.
Resource base industries replaced by conference center and tourism.

The purpose of urban design is to research motivations and economics and, realistically, provide "commodity, firmness and delight."

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